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Lore IO is a data lake virtualization platform that brings together on-demand, real-time business knowledge

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Accelerate Business Agility by Eliminating ETL Operations

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Teams can focus
on insights
Just 10% time spent
on data preparation, accuracy &
90% time spent
generating more insights &
 building better use-cases
New data projects
ready in hours
Lore IO will cut 90% build time for almost any data project. Cross source analytics, full organization personalized dashboards, feature selection for ML teams, predictive insights, C-Level cross company KPIs, embedded analytics, etc..
75% lower
overall cost
60% smaller
data lake
90% lower
data project
building cost

Get more out of big data
With Lore IO

Avoid the data swamp

Query raw data directly from any source in any schema and maintain a single source of truth for every table, column, dimension, attribute, or metric. Works on unstructured, structured or relational data.

Eliminate ETL Overhead

Run your analytics and AI systems on Virtual on-demand Data Marts in real-time and avoid maintaining bloated ETL code all over the place. Define complex logic in a few lines without building data pipelines.

Generate more AHA! Moments

Blend multi-source data in any BI tool. Create new data views that circumvent the confines of your data infrastructure. Do more complex views across sources and on time series data without any ETL

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At Lore IO,
we pride ourselves with happy customers

" We are able to get a comprehensive picture of our new releases. We were able to setup several views for each team to optimize their workflow. I was especially impressed by the speed with which we can iterate and update the dashboards to add new reports.

And all this was done in just a week after we started our engagement. "
VP of Content
A Video Subscription Service Company
" Our original plan was to build everything in the house and required us to build the data warehouse, ETL, application layer and visualization layer by plugging together several open source components. Instead, a single solution was able to give us the APIs and Visualizations we needed to deliver advanced functionality to our customers.
The whole process was quick and painless. "
SVP of Engineering
A Customer Support Platform
" While we had a great data science team building a good fraud detection service, we suddenly saw a spike in fraud and needed something to understand where it was coming from the Journey feature is the most powerful concept in Analytics and BI I have seen in a while. It allows rapid creation of complex scenarios. Combined with the ability to apply them on top of raw data allowed our team to very quickly iterate on and understand the patterns in the data We were also able to leverage this to improve our models significantly.

It's a critical part of fraud monitoring infrastructure now. "
Director of Analytics
A Transaction Processor
" Creating new cohorts and targeting traits is extremely simple. Especially for complex behaviors, no other tool comes close to the ease and power of the Lore IO platform."
VP of Marketplace
Major e-Commerce Company

Lore IO works well
with a variety of tools and systems

How It Works

Connect Lore IO
to your Data Lake
Automatically build
a universal
data catalog
Get a unified relational view across all sources
Setup relationships across
sources and events
Build complex
data marts
without joins
Clean Data
Analyze Time Series
Eliminate Joins
Analyze Behaviors
Feed data to
all BI Tools
all ML Teams
other applications
Search and Explore
your data
and use AI to discover patterns

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